VideoDrone® – Aerial System Solutions for Professionals

VideoDrone Finland Oy is the first and market leading company in Finland
manufacturing drones for professional applications. We deliver complete solutions for technical aerial photography
as well as for mapping, measurement and survey tasks.

VideoDrone - Complete solution.

Complete solution

VideoDrone is always delivered as a complete ready-to-go package. The shipment includes the aircraft, camera gimbal, camera/sensor, remote controller, batteries, charger, video link and monitor.


VideoDrone - For demanding use.

For demanding use

VideoDrone is designed for demanding professional use and it is manufactured in Finland. The aircraft is light and durable, the flight time is long and the handling state of the art. Only one person is needed to operate the drone making the use very cost effective.

VideoDrone - Ultra-light.


VideoDrone products are very light weight. The rigid carbon fiber frame is based on Finnish top know-how and weighs only 500 grams. Ultra-lightness means more flight time, easier handling, reduced battery consumption and improved safety.

Complete Solutions for Aerial Imaging

Aerial imaging and measurements offer unique possibilities which were impossible or expensive in the past. VideoDrone makes it possible to do these kind of tasks cost effectively and with high quality.

VideoDrone is being used currently, for example, for various technical inspections, land survey and planning, ortho imaging and point cloud processing, agriculture, oil and other environmental accidents, accident investigation and surveillance. Our customer base includes companies, municipalities, educational institutions, land surveying professionals and farmers.

What are your needs? Please contact us – we are happy to help you finding a solution which would work best for you.

The Way We Work

VideoDrone is delivered always to the desired use in a complete, tested and fully operational package. The shipment includes the aircraft, camera gimbal, camera or sensor, remote controller, batteries, charger, video link and monitor – together with the operational training. The maintenance and repair services are part of the lifecycle management and if the use of our product is about to change we will provide update services, too.

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