VideoDrone Finland Oy

  • Finland’s first and leading drone manufacturer for professional use.
  • Complete solutions for technical aerial photography and for mapping, measurement and inspection tasks.
  • Company established in 2011 and it was incorporated in 2013.
  • Credit Rating AAA.


Our values

  • We serve our customer as well as we can and we want them to succeed.
  • We want to design and manufacture high quality products.
  • We want to grow and develop and be the knowledge forerunner in our line of business.
  • We are a reliable partner.
  • We act honestly respecting the social responsibility.
VideoDrone - Made in Finland

VideoDrone - Lowest Credit Riskt



Official reseller of Pix4D 2019
Pix4DMapper is the next generation mapping and land surveying tool that can convert thousands of aerial photos to dimensionally accurate 2D mosaic or 3D point cloud.

WorksWell is a Czech technology company that manufactures high-end thermal cameras, inter alia, for unmanned aerial vehicles.

SPH engineering has developed a Mission planning and drone control software. It helps to plan, control and manage the flights.

Elistair designs and manufactures tethered stations for civilian drones which allow, in theory, unlimited flight time.

INSTA Airhow
Insta ILS Oy offers training, consulting and operating for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) following the turnkey principle.