Elistair’s micro-tether technology enables UAVs to fly with no time limit, in a secured way. It is designed to supply a wide range of power.


The technology includes data transfer through the micro-tether, enabling a reliable, high speed and robust data transmission.


Elistair’s patented smart tethering system secures your operations and provides reliability and safety thanks to persistent power supply and secured data transfer.

Fly with no time limit

We have signed a reseller agreement with Elistair products in Finland.

Elistair designs and manufactures industrial tethered drone systems which allow, in theory, unlimited flight time for aerial observations.

Elistair’s innovative technology open a new field of applications for drones such as persistent aerial surveillance, continuous aerial broadcasting, complex industrial inspection or traffic monitoring. These applications may be today limited by their autonomy and by the reliability of communications (interferences, disturbances, signal loss).

The system is also capable of transmitting data traffic in addition to power supply, such as a transferable 4G or WIFI base station.

We have integrated the Elistair tethered station to the VideoDrone. The battery can be replaced with the Elistair Air module, thus making the flight time “unlimited”. The altitude of the tethered system is 50 to 100m depending on the model used.

We also supply Elistair tethered stations to other manufacturers’ drones. Please ask for the compatibility to your drone.

Discover the solutions: Safe-T and Ligh-T

Get unlimited autonomy, security, fast data transfer for your drone operations and get access to new applications: persistent aerial surveillance, telecommunications, traffic monitoring, demanding industrial inspections, air quality monitoring or live productions.

Safe-T and Ligh-T are handy tethered stations for UAVs, ruggedized and compact, designed for field operations. These multi-patented systems bring extended possibilities to drone users.

  • Ligh-T -solution available lengths max. 60 m
  • Safe-T -solution available lengths max. 100 m


The ground unit is powered by aggregate or AC power.

For more information, see the product brochure