Genuine multispectral accuracy

The Sequoia solution features two sensors. The multispectral sensor facing the plants captures the light that they reflect in four separate parts: green and red lights and two infrared bands invisible to the human eye. Placed on the drone, the sunshine sensor records the intensity of light emanating from the sun in these four same bands of light. Collecting this data means that farmers can do what’s best for their fields. Advanced agriculture technology!

The Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor incorporates GPS which greatly increases the accuracy of data collected without needing recordings by the transport platform: plane, drone, tractor etc. Its range of internal components keeps it permanently informed of altitude, flight speed and position. It thereby adapts its capture speed accordingly. Mapping a surface has never been easier.

The power is supplied directly from the aircraft’s battery. This guarantees continuous power feed during long flights.

Technical Specs

  • Exelent vibration dampening
  • Weight 260 g
  • Operating Voltage DC 6–25.2 V
  • RGB camera
  • 4 spectrum bands
  • RGB camera resolution 4608 × 3456
  • Spectrum camera resolution 1280 x 960
  • Sun Shine sensor

Control Features

  • Automatic camera trigger during the flight
  • All adjustments and settings done via Wi-Fi

Download more detailed specifications:
Sequoia datasheet.pdf