All products manufactured by VideoDrone have been designed for intensive work.

One person is able to operate the flight, because the usability is top class. All required equipment travels easily in an aluminum case and fits easily in a car.

VideoDrone® and GeoDrone®

VideoDrone Finland Oy manufactures three types of drones. VideoDrone X4S and VideoDrone X8L suit to all kind of imaging and measurement tasks and they can be equipped with different kinds of devices. GeoDrone X4L is designed especially for land survey and mapping.

Enclosed frame

The closed frame protects the electronics and the batteries from dust, rain and strong wind. State of the art technology has been used in the body: light and durable carbon fiber and laser printed 3D parts.

Top features

VideoDrone is the most effective drone in its class. Light and durable composition together with enormous operating efficiency enable up to 68 minute flight times. Max payload is 2,5 kg

Usability Prioritized

All our products are meant to be used to perform different kind of operations. Great usability is a key factor to achieve work efficiency and success. Therefore, we have put extra effort to it.

Aluminum case, which fits well in a car, has room for the whole set: drone, remote controller, payload, batteries, charger, power supply, monitor and accessories. All conveniently in one case..

Cameras require power, but the work will stop if the battery is running out. That is why in all VideoDrone products the camera does not have its own battery. Instead, it will get the power supplied from the aircraft’s flight battery.

Operating the drone in gloomy, dark or bright conditions requires good visibility. This is very important to guarantee safety and good control of the aircraft. VideoDrone’s super-bright navigation LED lights guarantee great visibility in all conditions. The operator is able to adjust the brightness of the lights.

The battery can be changed in just 10 seconds and the recharging time is only about 30 minutes.

Safe operation requires various information about the status of the aircraft. VideoDrone is able to provide a lot of telemetric data, for example, altitude, distance, speed, battery charge, number of GPS satellites, etc. Voice alarms confirm the delivered data. Automatic return to home is naturally activated in case of any malfunction.

Drones can be equipped with different kind of imaging and measurement sensors. The options are a video, still, thermal or spectrum camera or some other sensors depending on the need. If an operator is using several payloads they can be swapped in just a couple of minutes.

VideoDrone X4S

VideoDrone® X4S v5

X4S is the most efficient model. The efficient motors, speed controller and big propellers mean excellent flight times, up to 68 minutes.

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VideoDrone X4Z

VideoDrone® X4Z

Our new VideoDrone X4Z model has been designed for popular Zenmuse cameras. X4Z reaches superior flight times with light Zenmuse cameras.

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VideoDrone X8L

VideoDrone® X8L

Brand new and more efficient X8L is at its best in gusty wind. Contra-rotating 15 inch propellers react very fast to the wind changes and the drone stays stable. X8L is the right choice, if the aircraft is to be used in challenging weather conditions and a shorter flight time is acceptable.

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